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Advantages of the A-P-E Process

Splash Zone Corrosion Protection
  • It is a field-proven technique which works! We have installations in open sea environments which are up to 12 years old. We can show you these installations and give you references. There are more than 2,000 A-P-E encapsulations in place.
  • With Master Builders as the manufacturer, you have the support of one of the largest construction specialty products companies in the world. MADCON provides turnkey installations, and we have over six years experience with the A-P-E Process. Installation is critical - you need to know who you are dealing with and what their real experience is.
  • A-P-E was specifically designed for installation in the splash zone. By dividing installation into steps (i.e. surface preparation; jacket installation; grout replacement), it can be reliably installed in a wave active environment. We do not have the typical problems associated with trying to apply pre-mixed epoxies in the splash zone (i.e. limited pot life, workability, wave action removing the material, sagging in the vertical position, etc.).
  • By using an aggregate filled epoxy grout, we achieve a much lower coefficient of thermal expansion than a pure epoxy. Seasonal temperature changes have little or no effect on the bond between the polymer encapsulation materials and the steel substrate. The heavier filler also adds to the unit weight of the grout, causing it to displace the water and self-level inside the FRP jacket.
  • We pump from the bottom up, ensuring a uniform, dense encapsulation free of air or water pockets. The scouring effect of the rising grout ensures a tight bond over 100% of the member.
  • We use a translucent jacket, so that the progression of grout can be visually monitored and to ensure a void free encapsulation.
  • A-P-E epoxy grout is placed by specially designed plural component grout-handling equipment, which eliminates the problems associated with the "hot-pot" or "mix by hand" method.


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