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Overview of the A-P-E Process

The A-P-E Process is a tough, durable, field-applied, all-polymer encapsulation system used for splash zone corrosion repair and protection of offshore and inland/coastal marine structures. The Process is used on risers, conductors, jacket legs, piles, piers, pipelines, and marine structures.

In order to provide corrosion protection in the harsh, wave-active splash zone environment, the A-P-E Process was specifically designed to be installed in manageable steps. Basic components of the system consist of: 1) proper surface preparation; 2) placement of a marine grade FRP outer jacket; 3) a special underwater curing epoxy grout is pumped into the FRP jackets from the bottom up through injection ports; 4) the FRP jackets are translucent so that the progression of epoxy grout can be monitored from outside the jacket, thus ensuring a dense, void-free encapsulation which is tightly bonded over 100 percent of the member which is encapsulated, and 5) a specially designed batching, mixing, and pumping unit delivers the aggregate-filled epoxy grout by the plural component method. This eliminates all guesswork and hand labor from the mixing process, as well as the problems normally associated with "hot potted" epoxy systems. The aggregate-filled epoxy grout, by design, is much more thermally compatible with the substrate than systems using "neat" epoxy. Since 1983, nearly 2,000 encapsulations and special applications of the Process have been installed. The components of the Process are manufactured by Master Builders, Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of construction specialty products. MADCON corporation provides turnkey installation services.

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