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Translucent FRP jackets for advanced pile encapsulation


Advanced Pile Encapsulation (A-P-E) Translucent FRP Jackets are glass fiber reinforced polymer (FRP jackets that are supplied by Master Builders as part of the A-P-E Process. A-P-E Translucent FRP Jackets are a marine grade laminate of glass woven roving and mat, impregnated with a clear, ultraviolet (UV) light stabilized, polyester resin. The jackets are translucent to allow the progression of grout inside the jackets to be monitored from outside of the jackets. The jackets are precisely molded to conform to the structure being encapsulated and come complete with grout injection ports and integral overlapping seams. Jackets are manufactured to specified thickness (1/8 in. (3 mm) minimum).


  • Use with A-P-E GROUT to encapsulate piles, columns, beams and other structural elements. Use with A-P-E GROUT to encapsulate marine oil and gas risers. Use with A-P-E GROUT to form internal liners for pen-stocks, outfalls, manholes, tanks and similar structures. Use with SET® grout, MASTERFLOW® grout or EMACO® mortars to complete repairs similar to those above, where cement-based grouts are specified. Combined with SET grout, MASTERFLOW grout or EMACO mortars to provide encapsulation of impressed current cathodic protection systems.
  • Use as permanent forms for underwater repairs where the benefits of translucency are indicated. (Form is left in place to provide long term protection and impact resistance to the repair).


Master Builders, Inc. has a computerized estimating service that is available for owners, engineers and contractors who are contemplating the use of the Advanced Pile Encapsulation (A-P-E) Process. Contact your local Master Builders representative for additional information.


Ultimate Tensile Strength - 10,000 psi (69 MPa) (ASTM D 638)
IZOD Impact Strength - 15 ft/lb./in. (800 J/m) (ASTM D 256)
Barcol Hardness - 30 (ASTM D 785)
Water Absorption - 1% maximum (ASTM D 570)
Ultraviolet (UV) Stability (Accelerated Weathering Tests)
Samples of jackets that were subjected to 500 hours of exposure in Twin Carbon Arc Weather-ometer (ASTM G23, Type D) and operated at 145° F (63° C) did not exhibit any chipping flaking or peeling. The tests were conducted in 20 minute cycles, consisting of 17 minutes of arc light and three minutes of water spray throughout the 500 hour test duration.


  • Inside surfaces of jackets should be lightly grit blasted to remove any dirt or residual mold release compounds immediately before installing stand-offs. Stand-offs are adhered in the field by the contractor. Jacket seams are adhered and riveted in the field by the contractor. Bottom gaskets or seals are installed in the field by the contractor. Jackets (forms) require temporary bracing during grout injection sequence. See shop drawings or project specifications for details. A-P-E Process seam, bottom seal and stand-off adhesive is the HYDROCOTE 3061 system by Master Builders, Inc.
  • A-P-E Process top-off paste is the HYDROCOTE 1063 system by Master Builders, Inc.


The jackets are manufactured with molded overlapping seams and molded upsets to receive bottom seal gaskets. The following are supplied with the jackets:

  • Molded polymer injection ports. Stainless steel rivets for securing jacket seams. Fixed molded polymer stand-offs to maintain specified minimum grout thickness (standard). Adjustable polymer stand-offs for special applications (optional).
  • Compressible bottom seal gaskets.


To achieve maximum bond with encapsulation or repair grouts in underwater applications, local water conditions must be taken into account. Individual encapsulations or repairs should be completed in as short a time frame as possible to avoid buildup of marine bio-films that can adversely affect bond.
For additional information, contact your local Master Builders representative.


FRP Jackets can have sharp edges. Wear gloves and eye protection when handling jackets. Use appropriate safety equipment and protection when grit blasting.
For more information, contact your local Master Builders representative.


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