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Structural Restoration of Offshore Conductors and Risers

The Structural Composite Retrofit System:

MADCON Corporation, Slidell, Louisiana has received official notice that their Structural Composite Retrofit System has been awarded US Patent Number 6,536,991.

The Structural Composite Retrofit System utilizes advanced composite materials to provide full structural restoration of damaged or corroded tubular members such as:

  • Conductors
  • Drive pipe casing
  • Jacket legs and bracing
  • Concrete or steel piling
  • Risers / pipelines

MADCON's Structural Composite Retrofit System:

  • Can restore and protect a severely corroded member without costly shut-ins due to hot work.
  • Can be installed both above and below water
  • Can be used to upgrade the original design capacity of platform members.
  • Designed for installation in the splash zone.
  • Prevents corrosion by prohibiting the intrusion of water, chlorides and oxygen
  • Provides a cost effective structural repair solution that lasts indefinitely

When you need structural repairs call upon the professionals at MADCON to get the job done right!

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