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Splash Zone Corrosion Intervention: Above & Below Water

MADCON provides turnkey installations of the All-Polymer-Encapsulation (A-P-E) Process: a field-applied, all-polymer composite which gives long term protection to structures in the splash zone, such as risers, legs, diagonals, conductors, piles, and pipelines. Based on detailed failure analysis of other repair methods, the A-P-E Process was specifically designed to be installed in the wave active splash zone.

The A-P-E Process technology is provided and supported by Master Builders, Inc., a billion-dollar, worldwide manufacturer of construction products. MADCON, through a strategic alliance with Master Builders, is the master contractor for the system and performs turnkey installations worldwide. Since 1983, the Process has been specified by owners and operators of marine structures, including major oil companies, State and Municipal DOT’s, and Port Authorities. There are now more than 1,000 installations, which are over ten years old.

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